Thursday, June 3, 2010

on this day in sports...

Every once in awhile something really great happens in sports.  Being the #hugefanrightnow I am of sports, I definitely feel it necessary to discuss blog about great events in sports as I see them.  Probably the worst call in the history of MLB: Jim Joyce robs Armando Galarraga of 21st Perfect Game.  Tho I am the exact opposite of a Detroit Tigers fan, I definitely feel for Galarraga, his teammates, Tiger's Organization and all their fans.

The best thing about last night's incident is the incredible class everyone involved showed.  From the pitcher who shot a disbelieving smile back at the umpire who just moments before made the call that would keep him out of the record books to Jim Joyce himself who after the game, while still convicted with his call walked over to Jim Leyland and allowed him to "vent his frustrations".  In the times of rampant steroids, HGH, and just awful attitudes from pro athletes, it's incredibly refreshing, as a #hugefanrightnow, to see such incredible sportsmanship where the opposite could definitely be forgiven.

So, aside from an excuse to increase the popularity of twitter trend #hugefanrightnow, I hope that fans everywhere (DETROIT!!!) would spare Joyce (voted second best umpire in the league in a 2006 Sports Illustrated Poll) and his family death threats and harsh angry words/gestures and instead take a lesson from his and Armando's and aspire to a 1/10th of their unprecedented grace.  When my two incredibly athletically gifted son's rip an umpire a new one for a blown call in their respective pee-wee sport, I will take them back to this day and educate them on the epitome of sportsmanship and humility.  Then I will chew them out for letting a bad call decide the game!