Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Broken Leg Saga: 8 Days Post Surgery

Surgery went well.  I said a lot of funny things to the nurses b/c I was dopped up, which was awesome!  They wouldn't let me take any anesthesia with me home, which ruined my day.  They put in a "block" which was suppose to numb my leg/foot so that I wouldn't feel much pain for a few hours after the surgery.  That didn't work!  So post surgery they gave me enough meds to knock out a horse (that's right from the doctor's mouth).  This was a fun little game of "keep breathing" the nurse and I played for a litle bit.  She would give me a small dose of pain medication which would knock me on my ass every 15 minutes.  Shortly after giving it to me, I would hear a beeping noise and she would tell me to remember to keep breathing.  It took me a few times (like 6) but I finally caught on.  She confirmed for me that the noise was because my breathing slowed.  She made it out to be a big deal.  I don't get it.

My leg is still broken, although the pain has subsided dramatically.  No longer am I doping (taking pain killers) round the clock so no need to worry about me getting addicted to Oxy.  I'll probably just sell the remaining for a huge profit.  My pain level has been reduced to mildly irritating or "canary" for those who identify better with color threat levels.

I got some new crutches.  They're hi-tech and ergonomical (comfortable) and sexy.  Take a gander, try to control your envy.