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A little post about the founder of Larry Angell from

This week’s interview is with Larry Angell, founder and curator for Uncrate, which is a killer shopping site for guys. Of course, this essentially makes him the male me. We’ve never met in real life, but it’s probably for the best, because I think if we collided we could potentially annihilate one another, matter/anti-matter style.
Larry grew up in Ohio, where he settled with his wife Julie, and he’s been interested in design since he was a kid.
“Early on, in first or second grade, I started paying attention to other kids,” he says. “What they were doing, wearing, using. I specifically remember that this one boy, Eric, had a plastic, neon-orange supply box that held his pencils, crayons, glue, what have you. But instead of the normal label where your mom would write your name, he had a large rectangular camouflage label. Camouflage. I couldn’t contain myself. How awesome was this box? This was in the mid-’80s, mind you, so my obsession with G.I. Joe was strong. I had to know where he got this box with the camouflage label. I asked and prodded until I knew exactly what store I could acquire both the box and the camouflage contact paper used to make the label. That was the beginning of my madness.”
Since Larry is a products geek, we mostly talked about stuff. Awesome stuff:

Larry’s Favorite Shops

Homage Clothing
One of my friends in Columbus makes these handsome tees. The buttery-soft shirts feature terrific, mostly sport-inspired, vintage designs. I wear one almost every day either by itself or under an Oxford.

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iPhone 4

With Apple's addition of 720p video recording and LED flash, iPhone 4 stands to replace every electronic device that currently clutters your carry-all, purse, center console in your vehicle, and/or (Dear God, hopefully not) your fanny pack. Imagine one device you'll use for everything. No more girl-boyfriends/wives/life partners annoyingly reminding you to grab the digital camera then getting upset because you forgot to make sure it was charged is if you were voted mayor of camera charging. This version of the iPhone takes better quality pictures and video then your bulky chipping 4 mega-pixel cybershot you got for that college Cancun spring break could ever dream of.

Music? Sure, 32 gigs may not hold your entire digital archive, but it will definitely hold all of your Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber with plenty of room left over for your late night Journey fix. In addition to your music, this device gives you complete access to the entire Internet... IN YOUR POCKET, through Apple's new Retina display which claims to have a higher resolution than the human eye can recognize. Not too shabby.

All in all, this $200 - $300 device is not only a cell phone replacement, it's a iPod/mp3 player, digital camera, digital video recorder, handheld gaming device replacement all in one. To really fully understand the benefit of the iPhone, you just have to get one. So do that, get one. I have yet to meet someone who is disappointed.